Time to Stop & Smell the Bread

Every year, without fail, my elementary school would take a field trip to Buttercrust Bakery. Buttercrust Bakery is a Texas treasure. Its name is synonymous to sweet, light, delectable goodness. Before Krispy Kreme became famous, the folks in South Texas had Buttercrust

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Turning 43…sucks

It is the hard, swift kick in the ass that turning twenty or thirty just does not compare. It is a palpable, gut-wrenching hole in your soul when you acknowledge that with over four decades of experiences, time and opportunities; you are still not anywhere close to where you planned or wanted to be in life. Rather than pacify yourself for another year or two, or hang your head low because life dealt you a bad hand (yet again) you have to acknowledge one crucial fact: I fucked some shit up!

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…sometimes it rains

After a long bout of eighty degrees days and endless sunshine; it rained today. I hadn’t really prepared for it. I felt totally off guard as I high-stepped to my car briskly through rain puddles and potholes. If I had been better equipped for what was coming, perhaps I would’ve packed my umbrella. Or at least I would not have worn my sandals.

I had a miscarriage today.

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What if…?

What if the scars from my childhood never really heal? I’ve done the therapy. I have tried to forgive, but… I don’t have the capacity. Some things are just unforgivable. And, it’s odd that I’ve been thinking of this lately because I usually don’t

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