Never Again…

Never Again

I have officially purchased my very last self-help dating book. 

No more “Why Men Love Bitches”, “The Rules”, “Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man”, “The Power of the Pussy”  or “God Where is My Boaz?” (all real titles, by the way)

No more Tinder,,, or in hopes of finding my soulmate.

If I live the rest of my days on Earth without viewing another episode of The Bachelor, I think I will be fine.


I elected to stand in front of a full-length mirror, butt ass naked stare at my naturally kinky hair, wide nose, big ol’ hips, gorgeous tattoos that my mom despises, pearly white teeth from years of braces, walnut-shaped eyes, scarred knees from two acl surgeries and declare I am over the bullshit.

Love will happen, and so will a child.  I deserve that.

I just can’t spend another millisecond of my life trying to tweak or change the very quirky idiosyncrasy about me that someone may one day find irresistible.




3 thoughts on “Never Again…

  1. Amen, sister! Self-acceptance is the only way. I loved reading this empowering post and you are so right in what you said. =) You do deserve all that and more and by accepting yourself as you are I think the universe will bring all that you desire and make it come to pass. Now following your blog…I want to read more. =) Have a beautiful day!


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